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  • All Church Picnic 2015

    Sun., Sept. 13, 12:15-2:00.
    Drinks and burgers provided; you bring to share: A-P: Side Salad, Q-Z: Dessert. Meet us at Heather Farm Park, 301 N. San Carlos Dr.  New this year...Bubble Soccer! Come join the fun!  
    Sign up at the Information Counter or click here to sign up online! 
    Email to guarantee your chance to play Bubble Soccer!
  • Follow our Student Mexico Mission Team

    Here is the link to a blog where you can follow our Student Mexico Mission Team as they travel to Rancho De Sus NiƱos. Please pray for them as the minister and serve so faithfully!

  • Haiti Day 7

    Summary of Day 7 by Gwen Gabie.

  • Haiti Day 6

    Summary of Day 6 by Emily Ackerman.

  • Haiti Day 5

    Summary of Day 5 by Natasha Jackson and Tim Arnett

  • Haiti Day 4

    Summary of Day 4 by Cheyenne Boelk.

  • Haiti Day 3

    Summary of Day 3 by Bradley Alman

  • Haiti Day 2

    Summary of Day 2 by Megan Freeman

  • Haiti Day 1

    Welcome to Haiti!

  • Haiti Mission 2012

    Hillside's team of 31 people will be in Haiti from April 6 - April 15. Our team will be in a remote village about 30 miles north of the capital city, Port-Au-Prince. We ask for your prayers for our team as we build relationships and share the Gospel with the people of Haiti. We also invite you to follow our blog as we embark on the journey that Jesus has set before us. We hope to post daily pictures and updates, so please check back often. Thank you!

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